[Added] X-Men Vol 5 #32 Nakayama foil virgin variant

Unknown Comics has announced this David Nakayama exclusive variant that is both foil and virgin (no trade dress) and I thought I’d upload the art here since it isn’t in CLZ yet.


These have been added! Thank you for posting :blush:

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Can not wait to pick this one up!!! :heart_eyes:

Sorry I guess I wasn’t clear, as far as I know there is only 1 version of this variant cover and it is both foil and virgin (no trade dress). I haven’t seen anything for a non-foil version, at least not yet.

My bad, must’ve read it the wrong. It has been fixed!

Well Unknown Comics is making 2 more versions of this cover, both non-foil. There’s a version with trade dress and a non-foil virgin cover coming as well. I think the non-foil virgin can use same art as above but here’s the version with the trade dress.