[Added] Zero Point TP (Alien Books)

Comic: Zero Point TP

issue: 1


variant description:


publisher: Alien Books


Cover date: February 2024

Release date: February 2024

Current Age | B&W | USA | English

Pages: 212 pages

Size: Softcover, 6-in. x 8 1/2-in.

Barcode: 978196220115551699

Cost: USD 16.99

Genre: Adventure, Crime, Mature Readers

Writer: Agustin Graham Nakamura

Pencils: Agustin Graham Nakamura


Letterer: Carmila Jorge

Cover Artist:

Editor: Martin Casanova

Translation: Lee Paolini Somers


Meet Bird, a hitman seeking redemption from his ruthless past under the shadow of his mentor, Crow. When a final mission goes sideways, he’s pitted against Kat, a young and deadly assassin. As roles reverse and loyalties blur, “Zero Point” delivers charismatic characters, intense battles, and unexpected alliances, all illustrated in captivating Manga-style artwork. Get ready for a roller-coaster ride where the line between predator and prey is shattered.

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