[Added] Zirty Girlz #4, Various Covers

Here are some recent Zirty Girlz #4 Covers

All have these fields:
Title & Number: Zirty Girlz #4
Artist: Nathan Szerdy

(I’d use the same pics for the regular & the foil)

Maple Cookies, White Bikini
Maple Cookies, White Bikini Foil

Maple Cookies, White Bikini Topless
Maple Cookies, White Bikini Topless Foil

Maple Cookies, Red Bikini
Maple Cookies, Red Bikini Foil

Nuka Kola
Nuka Kola Foil
(There is no topless/nude version of this)

Wendy! Cover A
Wendy! Cover A Foil

Wendy! Cover B
Wendy! Cover B Foil

Up-N-Down Cover A
Up-N-Down Cover A Foil

Up-N-Down Cover B
Up-N-Down Cover B Foil

All have been added.

Thanks for adding all of these. However, you missed the regular version of the Nuka Kola girl. There is both a regular and a foil (but no topless versions).

Has been added now