Adding already owned movies

Quick question on the app, specifically iOS CLZ Movies:

I’m creating my list and when I search for a movie by name to add to my collection it doesn’t already show if I own it or have it in my collection.

Ie to test this I added the complete Breaking Bad DVD series to my wish list. I then re-searched it and it doesn’t show I already have it in my collection and let me add it again as a wish list item. Same thing if it’s marked owned.

Seems like an oversight or I’m doing something wrong. Can this get fixed in a future update? Thx.

That seems like a recently introduced bug. We’ll look into this and fix it. My apologies for the inconvenience caused.

No problem. Thanks for responding. Not a major inconvenience, just thought it was odd for what appears to be a very quality app. it being a potential bug would explain it!

No worries at all. We’ve found/fixed the bug, and are currently submitting a fix to the Apple App Store.

We expect the fix to be approved by Apple within 24 hours, but I will also post here to keep you informed :slight_smile:

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!


Kudos for the quick responses and action! Probably have a new subscriber here soon!

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7333018031012 is not sync


I forgot to post here when the new version got released. Should be live now :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I don’t understand how this is related to the above issue?
What is the problem exactly? Can you explain in more words?