Adding crew

In the add crew you only have director, writer, producer, musician and cinematographer. Can you other job titles?

Associate producer
Co producer
Co executive producer
Executive producer
Line producer
Film editing
Costume design
Set design

I know the list could be endless but it would be great if the other professionals could get named.

Thanks for your suggestion. Not sure if there would be much interest in that from other users. We’ll see in the replies.
To me, it feels a bit beyond the scope of a movie cataloging app. Also, all that info is readily available by tapping the IMDb logo in the app.

I always thought the crew list was a bit restrictive, looking at what you can win an Oscar for I would like to see added.


Production Design


Costume Design


Visual Effects

To me that would cover all the basics without getting too unwieldy.



Adding more titles is not too important and would create more work for you. If you consider adding a title, however, I’d like to see film editor. The editor is often the person mentioned in addition to the ones you have now, and editor interviews are often included in extras on a disc. As I say, not high priority…

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