Adding Extras Issue


In filling the Extra Fields I noticed that after my entries, often lengthy depending on special features, that they do enter correctly. Even save correctly upon completion.

However, when I go back to correct a mistake I find the Extra entry was shortened.

I individually copied several separate Extra entras and pasted them in a Word document. I did a Character Count and found that the maximum characters allowed is 100. I tested 10 Extra entries I had previously entered in full and each entry was shortened to exactly 100 characters. Obvioulsy the more brief Extra entries I made were not affected.

I cannot trace what function triggers this to occur. I do know it does not appear to occur when I " Remove All Unused Pick List Entries"

I am hoping the maximum character count can be increased or eliminated as many Extra Features are lengthy.

Thanks much

Hi @JUnderwood
Is this a new problem since V9, or is this just something that you’ve always had?

Also: is this on Android or iOS?

It is the Android.

I have not added or edited any today (version 9 install) but will do so.

Additionally, I will make note of the action(s) I take that causes a reversion to the 100 character limit, if it does happen in ver 9.

No this will definitely also happen in V9 if it happened in V8 (we did not change this). Your report just coincides with the new release… so I thought this was a V9 “new bug” report.

The entire story thus far with new testing/findings today (just to keep things straight): Lengthy post

Original Issue: When making multiple Field edits (Actor, Director etc) it Uploads the changes and for some reason random Cover changes for the edits as well. By random I mean if i made 10 edits, it uploads the Edits but also a few Covers too. Either Front or Back or both even though NO EDITS to covers were made. Afterwards, i get a Download to App the same erroneous Cover changes that were just uploaded. This Download resets all the Edits I have just completed.

When the Edits are made, it occurs only when multiple edits are Uploaded. However, it does not matter if I edit for instance 6 Actors with 1 entry per Actor or 1 Actor with 6 film entries. Multiple entries ( more than 1) usually (not always) resets my Edits. When I Edit the exact same entries and fields again (sometimes a few times), it finally Uploads fine.

I have toggled the Custom Image and resubmitted the Edits with the same results.

Further Results:

Noticed many Extras entries were “chopped off” in mid word or sentence. Checked the character count and found it to be exactly 100 Characters for the erroneous entries.

Performed further testing on a known Actor entry that I could not get to Upload correctly (1 Actor - 6 Film entries). I had previously sent you the screen recoding of this occurrence.

I set up and added a test entry for the Extras field of this Actors film knowing it would not Upload correctly. I also edited the Actor field as i had previously done (1 Actor with 6 films). When it Downloaded to App sure enough the Actor reverted back BUT the Extra entry went to the 100 character limit. I repeated several times same results. I began thinking it may be when text only is entered so I also altered the Genre fields a few times with the Edits made as well. The Edited fields (Actor and Extras) reverted but the Genre field never reverted.

I selected another Actor (1 Actor - 1 film entry) to Edit and added the test Extra entry as well. Uploaded with no problems.

Began testing the Edits while changing the Front Cover image. As previous, simply changing from Custom to Not made no difference. However, I saved the Cover to Gallery, then removed the Front Cover. Made the necessary Edits to Actor and Extras and Uploaded (no Covers) and it Uploaded correctly. All 6 of the Actors films Uploaded reflecting the change and the test Extra entry stayed complete. Not exactly sure how/why but the Cover certainly seems to come into play. Again, previously whether or not I selected Custom Image it still reverted my Edits.

I continued testing with multiple entries (this time Directors) and had the same issues - reverting Edits and short Extras. Using tge same Cover method above, they all worked.

Side Note: Of course, I lost my test Actor as it Uploaded correctly finally.

Also i noticed that when my test Extras would revert there would be 2 entries in the Pick List Extras entry. My original (over 100 characters) would read 0 (zero) and a “new” entry would have exactly 100 characters and read 1 (one). Odd as it wasnt cutting my test entry but copying inly the firstv100 characters and using that.

Apologies for the length but that is what I have uncovered thus far.

Much thanks

Hi @JUnderwood sorry it took some time to reply here.

So the “Extras” has a limit of 100 chars per extra on Cloud - meaning that all movies you’ve synced so far to cloud are already chopped in Cloud if they have more than 100 chars.

Now because of the problem where you’re getting syncs back from Cloud (where you shouldn’t get them - is causing the Extras field to also download and “update” your local data… with the chopped Extras (100 chars, max, per extra).

We will consider upping the char limit on each of the extra entries. But for now I have no solution. Sorry about that, thank you for reporting this.


Thank you for the time and effort. I think Ill have to edit my Extras and Upload then individually. The one at a time Uploads does not seem to “unedit” my changes if a Download occurs. Only multiple edits. Time consuming but a work around.

Alright, that is okay and thank you for understanding/taking the extra effort there! Please do understand that “Extras” will always be chopped until 100 chars per extra during upload (so on Cloud, you will always have that). Will let you know if we up that char limit!