Adding Memorabilia to the Database

I have quite a bit of comic book-related memorabilia and I’m exploring using Comic Connect to catalog it along with my comics. As a test, I’ve created a new “series” for my Topps Comic Book Heroes Stickers and entered an “issue” number for the first sticker. My question is whether or not there is a way to duplicate that entry so that I can retain most of the database field information (publisher, Topps; cover date, 1974; cover price, .10, etc.) and make a few updates for the different stickers. Seems like I have to create each entry from scratch and repopulate the fields.

You can duplicate a “comic” like so on Connect:

  • Select the comic
  • Click the 3 dotted button above it
  • Click “Duplicate”

Alternatively instead of putting them in a separate series, you could also take a look at Collections (menu top left, “Manage Collections” then “Create New Collection” which will appear as a tab at the bottom of your screen)

Perfect! Don’t know how I overlooked that. I’ll also take a look at the Collections option. Thanks so much!

You got it! Good to hear that helped. Let me know how it works out for you!