Adding movies that have French or Italian barcodes

I have recently bought blu-rays with French and Italian barcodes. How can I add them to my collection?

Should not be different from any other kind of barcode.
What is your question exactly?

I recently purchased a DVD of Chaplin’s ‘The Kid’ issued by the Cineteca Bologna in Italy and the barcode was not recognised on the Core. The whole set ( a DVD of the film, a DVD of extras, and a booklet) is in Italian. Similarly, I purchased a bluray/DVD set of Scorsese’s ‘Boxcar Bertha’ from French company Rimini Editions, and again the barcode was not recognised by the Core. This set is all in French - the movie is in English but with fixed French subtitles.

Our Core online movie database recognizes tens of thousands of French and Italian barcodes. These really are not any different from US or UK barcodes. Works exactly the same way. Most are recognized, some are not.

Sounds like you just ran into 2 barcodes that are not recognized by our Core. Just report them here to be added.