Adding new musicians

Hi all. When adding a new muscian in the box the sort order is first name and it’s prefilled. I sort by last name. Can the prefiiled sort order be changed by myself so it comes up automatically with last name first but keeping the display name the same ie joe smith and sort order Smith, Joe?
Look forward to any replies

For main artist:
In the edit screen, under Artist, right click on the artist name. Select “Edit this artist entry.” The “Edit Artist” box opens. Do not alter “Display Name.” Edit “Sort Name” as desired.
Display Name
–>Joe Blow
Sort Name:
–>Blow, Joe
This will be applied to all instances of that artist.
You can edit group names in a similar fashion, e.g., Blow, Joe, and his Handkerchiefs.

You can do the same thing in the People tab for musicians. I normally leave Musician credits alone, unless they are also main artists. If they become main artists, I edit them at that time.

I understand this is about adding a “new musician” to an album.

I’ve made a video on how I usually do this. When adding a new musician, there is actually a little V shaped button to automatically generate the sort name.

But, I wasn’t 100 percent sure what you meant exactly.

Can you check the video, is that what you’re looking for?

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OK, I’ve learned something. I did not know the v button did that; I was doing it manually.

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Thanks Aj. Perfect. Ive just added a muscian and using that v has done it. Brilliant. Great help

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If you type Doe, John, that will go to the sort name, but it used to be that then you could click an up arrow and Display Name would change to John Doe - as you’d want it to. Seems that option disappeared somewhere along the update road. Be nice to have it back.


Could you describe to me the exact step by step how you did that in the past? When I tried this yesterday in Windows I also got the feeling something didn’t work as it used to but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.

Say you type in “Doe, John” then click the + to add a new person. The down arrow will push “Doe, John” down to the Sort Name area, but Display Name stays as you typed it. Back a while ago (maybe a year or so) you’d see an up arrow matching the down arrow. Clicking that would change the Display Name to “John Doe.” You’d likely see it if you pull up a two-year-old version and try it out.

Be nice to get that back.


I too would like to see this feature added back in for the ‘sort to display name’ arrow. Thanks for suggesting.

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May I bump this one? It’s not a huge issue in the grand scheme of things, but seems that you guys eliminated a feature accidentally. I suspect that if you look at how it worked a couple of years ago, you’ll be able to restore it without a lot of effort.

Would appreciate your attention to this issue.

Hey AJ!

You left us stranded on this one. Would you please let us know if you have plans to fix this? If not, please say something so that we can stop hoping.

Sorry @TinPanFan, I’ve taken note of the issue to look at at some point. I can not promise the button will come back right now. Sorry about that.

Ok. Just wanted a reply (even if it wasn’t the desired one).