Adding "One hit wonders"

Does anybody have a way of adding a bunch of individual tracks to my inventory? I have a lot of single tracks by single artists. Would like to be able to search for ALL the songs I have in my inventory.

You can’t add “single tracks”. In Music Connect you always have an album, and a track can live on that.

So you would have to add an album, then go to the tracks tab and add your single track.

There currently also is no “track view” to only view tracks in Music connect.

You can use the search in your main screen, top right, and click the little dropdown arrow, to just search track titles.
The results will show all albums that have tracks that matches your search.

Well then maybe I will set up a separate inventory with “One Hit Wonders” and enter those albums that way. A little time consuming (finding the right album) but I think that will solve my problem.