Adding only key issues from a series

I understand how to view only the key issues of a series that I already have added, but I would like to know if there is a way to only add key issues from a series?
Or if that’s not possible, is there a way after adding a series to multiple-select all NON-key issues & delete them in one fell swoop?
My use case is that I am preparing to sell a large collection and want to initially focus on key issues for sales. (If it matters, I have Comic Connect and CLZ Comics Mobile App subscriptions but not the desktop version.)

There is no way to “only add key issues” from a series via the Add Comics screen.

You can indeed add “all issues” from a series, then later in Comic Connect, click the folder button top left and create your own folder setting:

  1. Click the folder button top left
  2. Click “Manage Favorites”
  3. Click the PLUS button
  4. Add “Series” as a field first
  5. Add “Key” as the second field
  6. Save it.

Now click on a serie, and open it, you will see extra folders inside (Minor, Major, No)

Click the “NO” folder to find all comics that are not keys.

You can select those and remove those.

That said can you please explain:
You’re selling a comic collection, but you want to “add” all key comics to your collection?
How do you know for sure you have those Key comics then?

Thanks for the info.

In answer to your question, I have a majority of what I believe are the key Marvel issues up to 1988 when I stopped buying single issues. I am trying to identify other key issues I might not realize are key. I buy Overstreet each year, but it’s getting hard for me to read the print and it’s less convenient for tracking keys. If the technique you suggested proves useful, I would likely add Covr Price to my setup.

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