Adding subtracks

Hi all. I have several copies of the same album and wish to add subtracks on certain tracks. No problem with completing the task but i wondered if there is an easy way to copy the subtracks to the other albums without having to retype them all?

I’m afraid it is not possible to copy tracks/subtracks to another album.

It is possible to first “finish” the first album you have with all subtracks, and later in your main screen, select the album, and then select menu “Edit” and then “Duplicate Album”, to duplicate the entire album.

Thanks AJ. I have already been doing that so no problem. Will carry on as normal

I duplicate and then transfer the disc to the original and edit from there and then delete the duplicate. The albums i have have all differnt catalogue numbers and labels, also my notes are extensive and include extras.

Ah, okay, then your way would definitely be the recommended way indeed. Dragging/dropping discs yeah!