Adding title by series

Hi CLZ Team,

When using the add comic function from a specific series, with the series tab selected, the series would automatically appear to be selected and you can scroll and select issues as you want. This is not happening with Aquaman vol 2 special. It is working for other issues. Not sure if this is by design.

The image below shows what appears.


If you tap on the “Add Comics” button while browsing a series, the Add Screen will try to grab the “CLZ Series ID” from the series you’re browsing and show you that series in our online Core database.

It could be that this series does not exist in Core like that. Or that we fixed something.

Can you go to your app’s main screen, tap the menu top left, go to Manage Pick Lists and then to Series.
Then tap on “Aquaman, Vol. 2 Special” and check what the CLZ Series ID is for me?

Hi AJ,

That makes sense, especially when I check the series ID for my entry, which is blank. Updating from core doesn’t result in any change either.

Should I delete and re-enter or do you have an ID I can enter?

@Tiller Hi there, this particular comic is listed in Core as Aquaman 1988 Special

I would advice to search on that and that add it. Feel free to let us know if this worked out for you.

Hi AJ,

Adding it again fixes the issue. I suspect changing the title removed the Series ID as I think I changed it by editing the issue and not using manage pick list.

Thanks for the help.

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