Adding titles, missing values

Hello! I will first say that the latest 9.0 updates brings a much better layout and design when manually searching for titles!! I really like the new design. However, I may be missing something, but it seems that values are no longer viewable when manually searching for games. Before, I could search for a game, pick any system, and it would show the estimated value. Now I have to actually add a game to my collection just to see a value. Reason I care is because I often use the CLZ mobile app to get an “idea” of estimated value when I’m shopping around in resale shops. I know I can Google this, but it’s become habit, as I’ve been using CLZ apps for so long. Is this feature now locked under the new UI? Am I forced to add a game now?

I’d appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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Did you maybe miss that we added a special screen for checking values?

full details here:

CLZ Games 9 Feature Hilite #3: the new Check Value screen

I did miss that. LOL. Thanks! But unlucky for me, this feature requires an active subscription. :weary:

That is correct.

You will be happy to learn that:

  1. Game values are back in the Add Games screen
  2. the Check Values screen is now accessible for “grandfathered” users too

Full details here:


Whoa!!! That’s incredible!! You guys are awesome!!!

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