Album sort changes are universal?

Not sure if this is a bug or intentional. If intentional, consider this a feature request:

Applies to both Connect and CLZ app: if I change the album sort, say from date added to title, when in artist folder, it will change for other folders as well. So for instance if I go to no folders and want to sort albums by date added, when I go back to artist folder the album sort has also been changed to date added. It would be much more convenient if the sort order was sticky by folder.

Yes, that holds for all 3 platforms, mobile, web and desktop.
The sort order you choose is universal, it applies to all album lists.

I am not sure. That could be very annoying too, in some cases and for some users.
I already see the complaints coming:

“I just change my sort order, but it keeps reverting to my old sort as soon as I change folders. Do I really have to make this change for every view separately???”

So, it would have to be a setting.
Or a system where you can connect sort favorites to folder favorites… but that could easily get very complex.