All in sync, but not in sync

A couple days ago I noticed a potentially big issue in the synchronization between Movie Collector <> Movie Connect <> CLZ Movies. Didn’t have time to create a topic until now.

95% of the changes I make to my entries I do it in the desktop application. Then syncing and then syncing to the mobile version.

What I see is that all my entries are in sync between Movie Collector and Movie Connect (no outstanding changes). I also see no outstanding changes in the mobile app. However the Edition Details are NOT in sync. They are not present in the mobile app, but they are in the desktop version. In an other example I still see the data in my mobile app like it was in CLZ before I made changes to it. So the new data is not present on mobile.

I don’t know what happened, this is the first time I notice it and it happened in recent changes. So I don’t have a reproduction path yet. What I do have is some example you can look into. I did not resolve the issue so you guys can take a look. In a couple of cases I resolved the issue by making another change if I am not mistaken, but I forgot which entries I used.

You can take a look in my account. I only have 2 examples:
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - Different data, still old data in mobile. The only difference I see is in the Audio Tracks.

Empire of the Sun - Data completely absent in mobile

Did you check in Movie Connect?
Does the correct data show there? That would be the first thing to do.

If so:

I recommend clearing your database in the mobile app (Maintenance menu).
Then sync again to download the cloud data.

BTW: I checked your account but you don’t seem to be subscribing to Movie Connect?

I checked and both entries are in sync between the desktop application and Movie Connect.
Correct, I only have a subscription for Mobile and Desktop, not Web.

This is the first time I noticed synchronization issues. If you think it’s not worth it to investigate I will fix the issue manually by triggering another change.

I am a developer myself and for my this is like ‘where there’s smoke there’s fire’.

I’d love to find out if there’s a bug here, but I don’t think that will be possible without being able to reproduce the problem.

So I recommend just clearing the mobile app and re-syncing from there.