Alphabetical Order Button

I enter all the musicians and instruments into the ‘people’ tab and this can become quite a long list. Is it possible to add alphabetical sort button the the Sort Name field? I do it manually but it takes a long time for some of the albums.

Is this a feature that anyone else would use?

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Just click on the dsplay name or sort name header in the edit album screen and they will sort for you.

Thank you for the response bluesbeat but this does not seem to work on my system. Does anyone else see that this works for them?

On my Windows 11 PC, yes, it does. Not very useful, though. The list then becomes ordered by first names and nicknames (in “” quotes).

I am trying to put this field in alphabetical order and clicking on the “Sort Name” does nothing on my computer.

Currently it is not possible to re-order the musician list based on name or sortname. It is only possible to drag/drop musicians yourself there!

My mistake, I thought you were meaning the add/select Artist screen, where it does work