Alphabetization of "The"

Hello. Many times when I add a movie title, the first word is “The”. I have my alphabetize preference set to disregard “The”, yet many times it shows up in my list under “T”, and I have to manually change the sort title.

Normally, movies should download with “The” in the title, and without “The” in the “sort title” of the movie.

Can you tell me a couple of recent adds that you did, that don’t seem to have downloaded the correct sort title when you added them?

Here are three examples I just tried: “The Phantom Of The Opera” (1925 and 1962 versions), and “The Wages Of Fear”. They are automatically sorted to “T” instead of “P” and “W” respectively. This doesn’t happen to every “The” title, but it does for a lot of them. I seem to remember customizing alphabetize settings to ignore “The”, but I can’t find those settings now. It might have been only in the desktop program.

Thanks for those examples.

So I checked our Core online database for
The Wages of Fear (1953)
The Phantom of the Opera (1925)
The Phantom of the Opera (1962)

And those all have the “The” gone from the Sort title field, so when adding a movie it should download the correct sort title.

However, when I added The Wages of Fear myself, it downloads with the “The” in the sort title. It shouldn’t do that, this is actually a bug.

I’ll talk this over with our developers to see if we can quickly implement a fix! I’ll be in touch.

This is going to take a bit longer to look into and fix, my apologies!

No problem, it’s not a game changer! Just glad I brought the bug to your attention. Keep up the good work!

We have been able to locate and fix a bug that seems to have been causing this problem of “the” entering into the Sort title when it shouldn’t.

Could you try adding a couple more movies and see if the problem is now gone?

I just tried 5 more movies, and it seemed to work fine. Thank you!!

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That’s great to hear! If it does mess up again, can you let me know please? (and which movie, of course). Thank you!