Already in Collection message

Is it possible to have an “option” to toggle on or off in settings the notification of “Already in collection” when I scan or manually enter my books. I have a large number of duplicates of books in my collection and it would go much faster if I had the option to turn that notification off. I’m not suggesting it be removed, just given the option. Thanks.

Yes, we are planning to improve the options for handling that “already in collection” situation. This is already on our to-do list. We are thinking about options for:

  • Add it anyway
  • Increase the Quantity of the existing entry
  • Disable the message completely

Upvoting option 2 on your bullet list.


I was going to add a topic about this same popup (screen cap below), asking for an “increase quantity” option.
GREAT to hear it is already being looked at!

Could we not have a 4th option of “Have a option in settings to “toggle” the notification on or off”?

How is that different from the 3rd option?

I guess we are saying the same thing, no worries. I was critizied by others for suggesting this in the old FB post, so I was trying to be clear that it did not need to be “disabled/removed”, but rather a “option” to disable. Number 3 states what I originally asked for and it was widely misunderstood.

I’d also like to add the ability to turn off these pop-ups off too, mostly just for speed purposes. If I’m adding books manually(no barcode) it can take awhile, you usually have to wait for these and the “Added” pop ups to go away.

Could you explain in greater detail please?

You would want the adding to happen in the background so you can continue to work in the app? Is that what you’re asking?


Thanks for clarifying!

I’m not sure we can go for that. If you were to be able to add/edit during the adding, you could break/modify fields that are being “written to” while doing that. I understand how it would be nice, but the technical difficulties (or especially problems it could cause) would probably be bigger than the benefits!

Totally understandable! Thanks for clarifying the background stuff.