Alternative titles

This is NOT an error, but a question about what I should do do when the following occurs.

Sometimes when adding a movie to my collection the title I get from the core is different from the title of my edition. The barcode is linked to the right movie but to a “wrong” title, wrong in the sense that it doesn’t match the artwork on my edition. Both titles are in fact correct, one is the original title and one is an alternative title. When this happens I add anyway and then manuallt edit the title field with the “correct” title of the artwork on my Edition. But do you guys think this is something that should be reported here and is it possible to fix? Or should I just continue to do as usual (no big deal to do so)?

Yes, please report the new title and barcode here and I will add the correct title to those editions for you. :slight_smile:

Yes, as Martin indicates, our Core online movie database actually supports storing alternative titles at the edition level, so just report here and we will add them.

Nice then i will do that from now on :slightly_smiling_face: