Alternative to Comic Boxes

Hello folks. I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions on good alternatives to comic boxes? There aren’t any stores particularly close to me and shipping them is pretty expensive due to their being sent flat, and thus being rather large.

I’ve used magazine holders, which work okay but aren’t very practical for a larger collection. My other thought was postage boxes. Anyone have any sugestions?

How large is the collection? You could always find a dresser with deep drawers or maybe an older filing cabinet?

Depending on the size and permanence of your collection, a nice lateral filing cabinet is great. A legal-size lateral filing cabinet will hold about two longboxes per drawer with minimal modifications, and has the benefit of being sturdy and looking like furniture. If you have a used office furniture store nearby, you can usually find one for a fairly low price if you’re not picky about the looks, or your local office supply chain will likely have two-drawer models that look good in a home office setting and can function as another surface.

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Thanks for the suggestions. My collection is about 5000 issues so not huge, but not small either. :smile:

My preferred storage for my collection is wooden crates.
The crates I use are purchased from Walmart for about $11.00 Can. and hold about 300 Books. It works quite well and if you want the Ikea Kalax fits them perfectly.