Amazing Spider-man #2 CGC 5.5 sale

Seems super low $1,380.00 - 02/26/24 | 5.5

Drop of $2321 and can’t find any evidence of the sale on eBay. Can someone confirm or investigate?

Hi - Few things to help your understanding here and then ultimately a resolution.

  1. CP collects CGC, CBCS and PGX sales from various sources - not just eBay. One of the big ones for sales of notable books is Heritage Auctions, with which we have an agreement to access their sales information via their API.
  2. CP uses all of these sales as part of the FMV (although we are looking at moving to a CGC only calculation for our FMV’s because our research shows the VAST majority of slabbed sales are CGC and there is a significant value hit for non-CGC slab sales).
  3. We have certain automations in place to prevent the linking of signed and restored sales that come through Heritage and eBay - but those protections aren’t perfect.

In this case, a CBCS 5.5 copy of ASM #2 sold on 2/26 through heritage auctions - but for some reason the API did not have it properly labeled as “Trimmed” (aka restored). As such, we auto linked the sale to the ASM #2 in our database with a grade of slabbed 5.5. This caused the price to drop notable for that specific grade bucket. That sales has since been removed and the FMV for the 5.5 bucket has returned to “normal”. Thanks for letting us know.

Hey MrDay, thanks for the detailed explanation and resolution. I can confirm that I saw the value go back up in CLZ today. Good to know that it’s not just eBay. I really should start watching Hertigage results more carefully. Interesting that you may disregard CBCS but I can understand the market share issue. PGX should be completely ignored given their history lol.

And its not just market share for CBCS - we commonly see CBCS prices at 30% less than CGC. If it was like 5-10%, that would be one thing, but almost a 3rd of the value lost because of the slab company… We will still give people access to the sales data, but considering the price differential and market share issue, it doesn’t make sense to base Fair Market Value on CBCS slab sale prices.

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