Amazing Spiderman

Hello all, im new to this side of the app. I’m collecting ASM and am having some trouble reading how the volumes are laid oit in the app. Also, the latest volume is up to 900+. I just need some clarification.

Can you explain what you need clarification about exactly?

For ASM, there are six volumes, where
Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 1 is the original 1962 series
Amazing Spider-Man, Vol. 6 is the current ongoing series, with 50 issues up to now.

Ok, on the app, the time for volume one states ‘1962 to 2024’ but only goes to issue 441. Volume 2 is from 1998 to 2013 and goes to issue 700. Im not sure how it fits in to volume 1, i saw that it jumps to #500 after #58 but if i do the math we’re still off by one book. I understand that there’s a Legacy numbering system and how to utilize it.

I’m guessing you’re asking more of how the numbering works for the ASM run and not so much how it’s layed out in the app? From my understanding, it’s always been a continues run with one volume after the other. With each writer changing things up on every new #1. You’re saying that they’re off by one book but that might be a mistake on Marvel’s end.

ASM Vol 1: #-1,1-441 (1963-1998)
ASM Vol 2 #1-58,500-700.5 (1998-2013)
ASM Vol 3 #1-20.1 (2014-2015)

If a series like Amazing Spider-Man has a ending year of 2024, it is either a mistake OR because Marvel reprints some important issues as facsimiles. Like the Punisher’s first appearance in ASM #129.


Yes, that is because of reprints and facsimiles.

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