An eye to the future

I’m a happy user of MuC and haven’t yet seen any reason to move across to Connect but it’s subscription renewal time again so I’ve been looking at the offers. I notice that I can get a bundle of CLZ and Connect at a reduced rate and was wondering whether there was something similar for us MuC users? It might be handy to have the CLZ linked to our cloud account.

Sure, the same bundle discount is available for Music Collector + CLZ Music. Just add both to your cart and the discount will be applied.

Sorry, I don’t understand the above.
You do not have the CLZ Music app linked to the CLZ Cloud currently?

There are many many reasons, for everyone:

These are the main advantages of Game Connect (compared to the Game Collector desktop software):

  1. Easier to manage:
    No need to install or update software on your own computer, no need to deal with database files, image files, settings files or backup files. No need to ever transfer software or data to a new computer. The software and data is on our servers, we manage and update it for you, we even make daily backups of your data.
  2. No more conflicts with Windows configurations or 3rd party software:
    Connect just runs as a website in your browser. So no more conflicts with Windows file and folder permissions or Windows updates, no more conflicts with 3rd party products like firewall programs, security software, virus scanners, cloud storage tools (Dropbox, SkyDrive, etc…).
  3. Use on any computer:
    Work on your database from any online computer or mobile device. Just log in and continue where you left of, because even all data, software settings and customizations are stored server side. No need to install software, no need to sync your data back and forth. Got a new computer? No need to transfer software and data, just login and go!
  4. Best user interface:
    The Connect user interface is our latest UI design, which is easier to understand and easier to use, while still providing all the power of the desktop software. Also, web-based development gives us complete flexibility to design the user interface exactly as we like it to be, without the constraints of Windows or Windows development tools. Examples: the Add screens with BIG cover images, managing columns/sort/folder favorites, edit screens, edit multiple tool, managing pick lists, import/export, print to PDF, etc… For most features, the UI design (and functionalit) of Connect is lightyears ahead of the desktop version.
  5. Regular updates:
    Connect is always actively developed on, so you are getting regular updates with improvements and new features (and completely automatic too, as we install the updates for you)
  6. Better customer support:
    The CLZ team can help you better if you’re on Connect. We can log in to your account, we can see what you see, spot problems and even fix them for you. Also, all users are always on the latest version, which really helps with support.
  7. Fast and smooth: Connect is a more lightweight solution, that runs fast and smooth on any computer, even with very large databases. All you need is a reasonably fast internet connection.
  8. No local storage space required
    All data and all images are stored on our servers, not on your computer. So that will save you a lot of disk space, especially if you have a large collection.
  9. Quick bug fixes without having to wait for the next update:
    When you report a problem or bug, we can fix it quickly and easily and upload the fix to the online software. No need to wait for the next software, no need to download and install software updates.
  10. Frequent updates:
    In general, web-based development is faster and easier. Implementing new features is quick, making improvement to existing features is even quicker. So you can expect more frequent updates. And… we install the updates for you, just log in and enjoy.

Excellent, I’ll be look at that shortly.

I don’t have the app yet, I’ve never felt the need to view my record collection away from home or on my phone but times change.

I’m still a bit old school and am very happy with the current setup but nothing stays the same. One day there’ll be more reasons to tempt me across than there are to stay with MuC, just not this year. (As has been discussed to death in other threads)