Anyone here heavily into 4K UHDs?

Those images were broken indeed.
I have replaced all three now.
Thanks for reporting these!

Hi Alwin,

I just added Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 (upc 191329256817) and I seem to be having the same issue that twazerty has. The cover doesn’t show and in looking to see if their was a problem, I changed the image to the poster, which showed, and back, but it still doesn’t show.


Fixed that one too. Thanks!

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Alwin I was happy to hear that the 4k cover project was completed. I was eager to see the fruits of your team’s labor. :+1:
I deleted and reloaded the cover art for the same small group as in the earlier reply to this string. And although a few covers changed they are still not very good nor accurate.

Did I perhaps do something incorrect? Here is the list if you’d like to verify.


Guess I’ll continue to gather my own covers for the time being.

I checked the first two, Atomic Blonde and End Game, but these seem to be good covers and the correct ones too.

The 3rd one, Infinity War, we do not have a cover for, can’t seem to find one online.

For that John Wick one, we have:

For the above list, can you explain what the problems with the covers are?


I suspect that if 3 of 9 covers were bad you may have bigger problems???

Only a couple mouse clicks. Resize as needed.

Amazon,, eBay all 3 good for front and rear covers.
The Movie Db & The Tv Db are both great for poster and backdrop art.
All appear to be public domain too.

Yes definitely.
But can you point out what the problem actually IS?
Please don’t make this into a guessing game.

Okay, here’s the pictures we have for the barcodes you listed:



786936862904 (infinity war)
no image, can’t find one anywhere, no google results whatsoever




This one was an ugly user scan. Replace now by this:



So… ONE image was a bit ugly, the Fate of the Furious one.
The other 6 were perfect, the correct image, in a nice crips hi-res image.


  1. Infinity War - This must be a bogus Amazon thing. A barcode sticker over (786936862904) the actual barcode of 786936858112. Sorry to lead you on a wild goose chase on that one.
  1. As for the F8 (191329014585) ugly scan, I’m surprised your staff let this one thru when reviewing all the 4k releases.

  2. The John Wick 031398321057 Was wrong 2x the new cover is correct.

I suppose CLZ Movies mobile and CLZ Connect cloud users aren’t quite the perfectionists the Movie Collector group are. I blame a mild case of ADD …

I understand it’s a big project. One I’m sure will enhance the 3 CLZ Movie software suite. CLZ is still the best software out there. Keep up the good work.

I didn’t mean to bust your chops. So no hard feelings I hope.

Ah, I see. For that barcode, we do have a perfect cover image in Core already:

I will admonish them and tell them to do better.

Don’t worry, all users of all 3 editions are the same level of OCD / ADD.