Anyone here heavily into 4K UHDs?

At CLZ, we have embarked on a new project: checking all cover images in Core, to make sure the image actually matches the barcode.

Our first focus is on all 4K UHD releases in Core. This is a relatively small set (just over 12 thousand editions), so a good way to get started.

If you are heavily into 4K UHDs, what is your experience with the cover images from Core?
Good? bad? Meh?
Any suggestions?

Pic for attention:

My comments on this are more related to all covers than just the 4k.

I replace all the covers shortly after I add movies with either scans of the covers that I make or using covers from a couple of cover websites I belong to. When I first got Movie Collector, one the things that I didn’t care for was the fact that the covers that were downloaded came in all different sizes and sometimes only came with the front cover.

There were times when I was looking thru my collection on my computer where I wanted to look at the back cover but the covers were too small or not a high enough resolution to read clearly (I realize that its hard getting cover images in readable sizes is not easy and would be time consuming in general). So I decided to scan the covers or use ones I found on the websites. The size of the images that I use are roughly 2000x2200 for the scanned covers and 1500x1700 for the downloaded covers.

Also, for some reason I don’t understand, I really don’t like an image of the 4k/Blu-ray/DVD box as part of the image or the type of discs included. So just for an example, I took the Prometheus image the Alwin supplied and did a rough mod to it to show what almost all of my covers look like:

While I am talking about the covers, I also add Posters and Backdrops to my movies: Poster that I associate with the films from my younger days or ones I just like. I also prefer backdrops from a the movie itself rather than an artistic image that show up on occasion, but that is just me.

I just use Collector only and I know that what I do is probably on the extreme side of things.

I am. And I have found mixed results during the process. I collect a lot of steelbooks too and sometimes the image matches, but doesn’t specify steelbook. Or sometimes the image doesn’t match and does have the correct packaging type. I mostly collect US releases, but I understand that some of the premium editions won’t be a perfect match. In such cases, I download an image or take one with my phone and use a custom cover. Honestly, I don’t really have a problem with the core, as it’s mostly accurate. But most importantly, I can customize the fields I need to and that’s crucial.

In my opinion, I want the images to match the exact cover. And if it has a j-card (steelbook only), I want that to show as well. I don’t care for having the full image art, as I do prefer having the “actual” picture of said movie…front and back. So the 4k ultra logo/banner works for my taste.

I would love to customize more fields in the mobile app though. Wink wink…rating logos!! Sorry about my last post. :pensive:

Anyways, in regards to covers…it would be REALLY nice if we could pinch zoom from the mobile apps!! Not just movies, but all of the CLZ apps. I often try zooming in, mostly on the back to look at details, but it doesn’t work. LOL

On the topic of 4K and customization. I just though of something. Maybe nobody would care, but besides the rating icons…it would be awesome if we could add HDR format and audio track format logos! I think it would be a cool feature. So you have 4K, the rating next to it, then maybe a Dolby vision and Dolby Atmos logo. Or HDR10, DTS:X, etc. That’d be cool, for me at least, from the mobile app.

Hi Talut,

Thanks for your feedback.
Some comments.

That is a lot of work!
Our Core delivers images in a standard width of 420 pixels and somewhat varying height (DVDs and Blu-ray/4Ks have different form factors). Should be quite consistent?
I can understand that is a little low-res for some users, but for an image in the app and software, it usually is more than enough.
We are considering offering a bit higher res images, not sure yet.

For 4K, we decided to go for full front images, so including the black 4K UHD box bar.
For several reason:

  • Easier to find. For most releases, a cover image with black bars is available.
  • Consistent form factor. If you cut of the box bars, the image has a different form factor than steelbook images, which just doesn’t look as nice in the app or software.
  • Most users like to easily spot 4Ks in their collections.

Hi SodePopCLZ,

Thanks for your feedback.

Yes, same here, that is what our main focus is at the moment.

Ah, that was a discussion we had at the office. Without j-card, the steelbook looks cleaner, nicer. But with J-card it is often more recognizable as being 4K.
I tend to like the images with J-card better too.

At the moment, with images being delivered in 420px width, I am not sure if that makes much sense, as there won’t be any extra resolution to zoom in to.
I understand, for hi-res custom images, yes, it would be useful.

I too replace most all of my covers for 4k, BR and DVD/VHS as the sizes and headers tend to be inconsistent and vary wildly. This is annoying and unsightly especially in the “shelf” views. I’m glad CLZ is working on it :+1:

These are unedited direct from the core.

These are edited by me. Not perfect but better. :wink:

I too have been scanning in back covers that are large enough to be legible as most are not. Also, many are from incorrect variants or just plain wrong.

I imagine most folks here are happy with the status quo but judging from the numbers of people on the various media cover websites, lots of people are not.

On a related topic the ability to toggle between Cover view and Poster view would be awesome! Maybe a drop list?

Yes, that is indeed the problem we are fixing at this moment.
Should be far more consistent soon (for 4K that is, doing DVD and Blu-ray is a much bigger project :slight_smile: )

Hi Alwin,

Yes, what I do is a lot of work, but as long as I don’t go out and buy 10-20 movies at once (hopefully there are no complete TV series in there as I add as individual seasons) I can keep it pretty manageable.

As I said, for some reason I just don’t care for the look of 4k/Blu-ray/DVD full box image, but I am most likely in the minority. What I do works for me. :slight_smile:

Like roybo below, I have my collection set up using the “shelf” view and the inconsistent sizes (for the same format) bothered me.

I can understand from where you are coming from and with 12,000 4k editions currently, I don’t even want to guess at how many Blu-ray and DVD editions you have.


But, doesn’t cutting off the black bars result in inconsistent sizes?
Because for steelbooks, there are not black bars, so their form factor will be different.

1.2 million in total over all formats :slight_smile:

In the meantime, over 5,000 4K UHD cover images have been checked and corrected. That is, the 5,000 most popular ones in Core.

So the effect should already be noticeable, especially if you’re using Movie Connect, where Core images automatically update in your collection.

Only 7,000 to go! :slight_smile:

Well, because I scan all the the covers that I have the sleeve for, they all come out about the same size for their format: 4k/Blu-rays, Steelbooks, DVDs, VHS Tapes. I did a quick look atabout 10 Blu-rays covers and they are all in a range of about 10-30 pixels, which when the image is roughly 2330 pixels in height, don’t look all that different.

As for Steelbooks, I don’t like them and I currently on have 4 of them with another 4 on pre-order. They all are the Disney+ shows and as they are Limited Editions and the only option, I have no choice but to get them. I don’t want to wait to see if they come out in normal 4k/Blu-ray cases and ultimately miss out on adding them to my collection if they only come out as Steelbooks. That is the only reason that I will buy Steelbooks.

That’s great!! I’m wondering though, is there any way to update a box-set/collection cover image at all? I know I can change each movie cover individually, but what about the cover in the top-left? Attached a screenshot for example. If not possible from the mobile app, can this be done from movie collector and then sync my mobile app to reflect the change? Or, is this not even possible at all?

That is already possible. Just edit the Box Set entry.

  • edit your movie entry
  • on the main tab find the Box Set field and tap the pencil icon on the left
  • in the Edit Box Set screen that opens, go to the Cover tab
  • you can now change the box set cover, click Done when ready.

OMG. All this time!!! Thank you!

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Tip for a short cut:
In your screenshot above, the link “Change order of movies” takes you to the Edit Box Set screen directly.

I’ve been in that screen several times. In front of my face. Ah! Thanks again!

You know. Totally off topic, sorry, but while I have your attention :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. A really cool feature add would be the ability for a search history from the mobile app. I often search my collections and every time I exit out, always have to type my keywords again. Would be cool if what we’ve searched had a counted history record. :grin:

Recently upgraded some of my Alfred Hitchcock movies to 4K UHD.

Great news: we have just finished checking and correcting the cover images for all 12,500 4K UHDs in Core.

Proceeding with Blu-ray and DVD now.

(with me personally doing a few side-steps to do HD-DVD and UMD, just because I collect those myself :slight_smile: )

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Just updated all my 4K entries to get the new 4K images. Looks like some entries have a corrupt image.

At least 3 entries in my collection have this problem. It doesn’t show the icon and when you click on the icon you get this error:

Corrupt images

Entries (barcode):
Ambulance (5053083250478)
The Grinch (5053083184056)
Snake Eyes (3701432008530)

When I submit an entry to Core it does show the correct image:

It also shows the image in the search:
Corrupt images but correct

Deleting the image and updating again from Core does not fix the issue. So looks like they are wrong in Core.