App & Desktop DO NOT MATCH

App & Desktop DO NOT MATCH I have synced but there is nothing more to sync.

Got something going on wrong here. I have the joker 1 and iron man 4 slab you can see the should be right after the venom virgin and before Dr Strange 1 as shown on my desktop but not in my phone and I have synched numerous times. It’s not the sorting either they simple aren’t there You can see my comic count is at 31166 on my desktop and 31158 on my phone app. Any advice?


I checked your CLZ Cloud and I do see the Iron Man #3 and Joker #1 slabs listed there. I see 31,167 comics there.

My first guess normally is an active filter in the CLZ mobile app, but from your screenshot I can see that is not the case.
It is weird that such a recent addition did not get synced over. Did you see any sync errors in the Sync screen?

Your latest additions in the CLZ Cloud:

No sync errors this just happened this past weeek it has never been out of sync before that. No idea why

When you manually go to the “Iron Man, Vol. 1” or “The Joker, Vol. 1” series, do you see those issues there?

No I don’t.

Mmm, very strange. I am afraid I have only one suggestion for you:

Assuming your CLZ Cloud is fully up-to-date, the best solution is to clear the database in your app, then download all data from the CLZ Cloud again.

Here’s how to do that:

  • open the app
  • from the menu, choose Maintenance, then Clear Database
  • then, again from the menu, choose Sync with CLZ Cloud to download your data.

Can you please let me know if that worked or not?

YEs it worked thank you it just finished so 5 hours and we are good thank you!

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