Arcade games

as I said on the discord channel, I have some PCBs and some mini arcade cabinet like the egret mini II and the astro city mini.
Alwin asked me to report the missing games here.
the list is long, so to do the thing simple, the games to add are the games found on the 2 versions of the astro city mini (the normal and the vertical)
here the list of the 37 games of the normal astro city mini:

and the list of the 22 games of the vertical astro city mini

and the games found in the egret mini II and the 2 additional cards taito arcade memories.
thank you

Okay, I understand now. These are games on this arcade machine.
Can you explain why you think this should be in Core as separate entries?

I would like differents entries for each games because when I play a game, I note for each if I finished the game, when I finished the game, if I like the game or not and others stuff I found important (but could be not for others players of the clz community)
and I forgot yesterday to indicate the few PCB I own that I don’t found on clz games:
1942 from capcom,
asterix from konami
bay route from sega and sunsoft
blood bros from tecmo
dragon ball Z from bandai
guardians of the hood from atari
moonwalker from sega
OSman from mitchell and atlus the cannon dancer released a few month ago by strictly limited)
and shadow force from technos.
but it is possible to link with klov or other websites like them?

You can of course do that in your own app. The games do not have to be in Core for that.