Audio Traxck info not getting submitted

I was updating a movie that had now audio tracks listed even after an update from the core. I went through and added the Audio tracks and decided to submit the data to the core, but when I got to the submission page, the newly added audio tracks weren’t there to submit. Is this a glitch of some kind? I have tried 3 different movies and all don’t show the audio data on the submission screen.

@cmaeditor thanks for your message.

Submitting audio tracks will only stick if the movie in your local database is linked to an actual “media ID” - which means a specific barcode entry.

If you “just add the movie” you will only get a CLZ Movie ID, and audio tracks submitting is not done.

If you add a barcode version (so use the Add Screen, then add “by barcode” or pick an edition from the dropdown when searching “by title”) then you will get a CLZ Movie ID and a CLZ Media ID.
(you can add the columns for CLZ Movie ID and CLZ Media ID to your list, if you wish to know if you have one).

With the barcode version you can submit audio tracks.

Does that explain what you’re seeing?

Note that you can als unlink your movie (3 dotted icon above the movie details in your Movie Connect) and then Link it again via the same way, and link it to one of our media editions.

The movie I first tried was Weird Science 4K from Arrow (UPC 760137130406). I then tried THX 1138 (UPC 883929116348). I just tried to update Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 4K Steelbook (UPC 191329252918), which has no audio tracks in the core. I added all the relevant tracks along with some other data and tried to submit the update. You can see by the screenshot that the audio tracks are not being sent for submission, but other data is.

I just tested out submitting through the CLZ Movies app on my Samsung tablet and phone. The audio tracks show up to be submitted. There must be some sort of bug

I was able to reproduce it today from Movie Connect and have reported it on our side to be looked into. Thanks for sticking with me on this one - I’ll report back here when I know more!

We’ve disabled submitting of Audio Tracks from Connect a couple of years ago, due to a mismatch between Connect and the way we save Audio Tracks/language in Core. That is why you can not submit this.

For now, I have no workaround, we’ll see what we can do about this in the future.

I was forced to switch to Connect because Collectorz stopped developing for the Mac, now to find out that I am using a hobbled web app. I have the CLZ apps, but they have some limitations as well. Unfortunately there isn’t a good alternative right now, or I would probably switch to something else.