Aut-filling in region

I’ve noticed that when looking up a game by title that sometimes the system is auto filling in regions.

The issue with this is that these games, while they do have US/EU versions, are called different names. Saints: Seinaru Mamono being Primal, and Saru! Get You! being Ape Escape.

Not sure what you mean by “auto-filling in regions”.

There is a special topic for those:

The program appears to be auto generating US/EU versions of games that don’t have them, or games that are called something different in those regions. And when you look up the original, no JP version shows up.

Ah, yes, the new version show “default US” and “default EU” editions for all games.
I agree that that should not happen for JP only releases. Will see if we can resolve that, could be a tricky one.