Authenticator App

Is the Authenticator App really necessary? The Collectorz sites are, theoretically, the only ones for which I use it. It’s expensive and I’d like to dump it, if possible.

Interesting. I didn’t realize there were paid authentication apps out there.

I have two different authentication apps for the various sites I have (I have Google Authenticator and Microsoft Authenticator). Both were free to download and are free to use. I use Google Authenticator for CLZ and it works great. I assume Microsoft’s would be just as good — it works just fine for the accounts I have on that app.

I use two-factor authentication on every account I can. To your specific question, 2FA isn’t necessary, but I personally recommend using it as often as possible. I think you may be able to switch to a free one to solve your problem.

All Authenticator apps I know are free.

Which one are you using?

Alwin, thanks for your prompt reply. I am using an app called “Authenticator App.” I guess I was in a hurry and didn’t do my research! I am trying to cancel this one (as soon as my subscription expires) and get a free one.

Reinharc, I just responded to Alwin’s message. I have been researching the free authenticator apps and hope to switch when my current paid subscription ends. Thanks for your prompt response.