Author rating

Is it possible to have a rating for an author. So I can sort my books on my most favorite author. Also a tag field for an author would be highly appreciated. Than I can mark the authors with series I want to re-read for instance

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Currently we don’t have plans for extra sub-fields for authors, but I’ve taken your suggestion as an idea here.

You can currently use the folder grouping to group by author, then sort that list “by count” which would sort them based on how many books you have by that author, which might be a good indication which author you like best…

Not exactly your suggestion, but I thought I’d offer you a workaround that you might like a little bit!

Hi AJ,

That will certainly help, but I also have top authors which are just starting and have only 2 or three books. Thanks for taking this in consideration, looking forward to realization :grinning:

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