My author sort is last name, first name.
When I scan books in via my iphone they sort firstname, last name. What to do?

Just use Manage Pick Lists from the menu, the Author list, to edit your author entries and fix their Sort Names.

I have tried many times but am unable to add the author

You cannot add authors? What happens if you try?

absolutely nothing. I can add the title but not the author.

Lori, your post here started about sorting by author, but now you cannot add authors at all?

So, let’s go through the steps:

  1. you edit a book
  2. in the Edit screen, you tap the “+ Add” button in the Author box
  3. the Select Author screen appears
  4. there, you either find an existing author in the list, or tap New Author to create a new one
  5. you select the author with the checkbox
  6. tap Apply at the top right to actually add it to your book

Where in the above steps do you get stuck?