Avengelyne 1 variant missing from core

Ive yet to see it on CLZ and Covrprice, not sure if its been discussed already or if im even postimg in the right place

Theres a holochrome (rainbow reflection) variant to.the regular chrome version of the book

Sadly ive yet to find any print amount total

Included is a photo proving the difference, the holochrome on the left, regular.on the right.

@Shrapnelson this holofoil edition is already listed in Core, in the series ‘Avengelyne, Vol. 1’, as issue #1C.

There isn’t a cover listed for it yet though. If you somehow could post a proper and useable cover here, maybe I can add it to the entry.

Ah! Thank you. I mustve been temporarily blind.

Yes, I’ll try to get some good clearnphotos after work and post em this evening

Again, many thanks