Back Covers not always loading when adding new comics

When adding new comics from the “Add Comic by Online Query…” screen, the program does not always add the Back Cover image. If I notice it is missing, I have to right-click on the issue and “Update from CLZ Core” to retrieve it. Is there a setting I need to check to make it download when I add the issue?

There are settings for this indeed. In the main screen, click “Tools > Options”. Then click on “Data and Images”.
Then click the button “Download settings for data and images” to change settings for which field-information should/should not be downloaded or updated.

Now I’m a bit confused though because you said you’re adding comics via the Add Comics screen, and it “sometimes doesn’t download a back cover” but it does when you hit Update from Core right away afterwards? Or do you do the Update from Core like days later? (it might mean we did not have a back cover, and later added one!)

Can you actively reproduce this with a certain comic where you use the Add Comics screen, the download settings are good for back cover, but it doesn’t download one - yet when using Update from Core, it does? If so, let me know the series and issues number and I can verify/test this on my side please!

I found the setting and it was set to not download back covers, so thanks for that.

To be honest I’m not sure how some of the previous back covers were downloaded. I discovered the problem when I added a back issue that I saw had a back cover, but it didn’t download. I had to do a manual update to get it loaded. I searched through the current X-Men title, and found very few back covers, then ran an update on that title to get a bunch of the back covers that were available.

Thanks for your reply. If you do find an actual issue, after changing the settings, that doesn’t download the backcover immediately do let me know and I’ll further investigate. Other than that I think the setting will indeed have fixed it!

Thank you!

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