Back Up Failed

Tried a couple of times on different machines (desktop & laptop) and goes through everything - “Processing images…” (takes about ½ hour) then "Finishing…"but then message is Back Up Failed?

Looking into this for your collection, will get back to you when I have more information. Thanks for your patience.

It seems to be that you have very big custom images, going up to 14 gigabytes, which is causing troubles with the “create your own backup” system.

Can I ask what you’re doing when it comes to cover images? Where do these big images come from?

Our own system makes daily backups of all user accounts, so your data is of course safe.

For now I’m not able to create this file for you directly - do you need this file? Or are you okay with the backups our system makes automatically on our side?

Hi Alwin, thanks for replying quickly. I start by sourcing cover images internally via ‘Find Online’ but quite often also externally online for better ones especially for the rear cover when you can then read all the detail. Many will also be my own hi-quality scans.

Collating these images takes the most amount of time when adding a movie, so thought I’d like a downloadable back up. I am happy/reassured about the system backups, but when I’ve finished cataloging the remainder of my collection (about 1,000 - 1,500 items) perhaps we could revisit how I might get a local backup even as a one-off at that point in time? Thanks, David.

How big are the images you upload? Which file format?
Normally, a hi-res image (say within 1500x1500 pixels) in JPG format, should not be more than 500kb.

Nearly all .jpg - nothing larger than 1500x1500 as far as I can find but the ones I’ve scanned do seem to be up to 1.5mb.

That is quite big, maybe try a slightly lower quality settings for the JPGs?

Yes, I will use a lower quality setting from now on. Not sure about revisiting all the existing ones as that’s a major task! (it’s taken me years to get to this point as it is).