Batch Edit "Mark As Complete" Possible?

Just added my FCBD books, and I’m wondering if there is a way to Mass / Batch edit many series at once?
I looked through the “Manage Pick List” for series but didn’t see anything.

If it’s possible in Connect, let me know that instead. Cheers.

In Collector, if you are in the Series folder, you can select multiple series (which you can do if you Control - Click on as many entries as you want), then you can then right-click on the cluster of series you selected and “Mark as Completed” is in there. Does that give you what you want?


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Im in Series Folder, but I can’t multiselect Series.

In Collector for me, I can hold down Control and click on as many series as I want and it highlights/selects those as I go.

Or, I can click on the first series and let go, then hold down Shift and click on a series below that and it will highlight/select all of the series between that first series I chose and the last series.

If those don’t work, then unfortunately you’ll need to wait for a developer to chime in. Sorry.

I appreciate the help none the less

What version of Collector are you using?
And I think your series are showing up differently than I have them set, that might be the issue here. You have the being listed in the Issue field. How do you get that to hapen?

CLZ person here :slight_smile:

So the screenshot where @Reinharc shows that you can select multiple series when you use “2 panel view” with Series folders active. It is a bit of a “weird” view to be in, but yes, it allows selecting multiple.
However, when you right click the selection there and hit “Mark as Complete” it will only mark 1 of them as complete. So the function shows there, but it does not work.

In your view @Meldince , the 3 panel view that is, multi select on folders is **not possible. **
That means you have to mark your series as complete, one by one.

Workaround to select and mark multiple series as complete:
If you have the CLZ Comics mobile app it is possible to select multiple series folders, (go to series folders, then tap/hold on 1 series, then select more by tapping them) - then tap “Action” and “Mark as Complete”.