Best Bags/Boards

What’s everyone’s opinions on bags and boards? What do you use on your day to day comics?

I used to buy everything from DCBS with 4mil bags and full backs, obviously overkill but you save so much money from them it honestly was barely noticed.

I don’t really buy new stuff anymore, stopped a few years ago but am re-inputting all of my books in CLZ(around 8000) and putting accurate grades. I also started re-bagging and boarding some books, mostly for aesthetic reasons and to make them more uniform in the boxes.

Anywho, just want to see what everyone daily drives. I’m looking for something that will hold up, has good build quality and fits the books well. I don’t have much outside of Bronze and up.

I am one of those people that does not want my book crunched by the “current/modern” size stuff a lot of people sell so I exclusively use the 7.25 bag/7.00 board for everything - they look nice, protect great, and fit in all comic boxes perfect.

The only brand I use for my comics are E. Gerber mylars. I use the 725M2 bags and the 700HB boards for almost everything (Silver through present). I once tried their thinner bags but did not like them because they crinkly up - so I stick with the M2 series. They have thicker bags too but I did not like them because they fold more difficultly and frankly mylar is mylar - so really not necessary. I like the thicker 700FB boards they sell but they are EXPENSIVE so I use them selectively on high dollar books. All their bags/boards are high quality and will never need replacing.

They are based out of Baltimore, MD and I live about an hour away so when I place an order I usually do it once a year and it is always for several thousand at a time and I go pick them up and save on the shipping.

E. Gerber Products, LLC.
1720 Belmont Avenue - Suite C
Baltimore, MD 21244

For boxes I go with BCW Supplies but I always check Amazon first because I find that with Prime shipping you can sometimes get them faster and cheaper. If you want to stack them get the comic box houses. I find that you can easily stack them four high as long as there is a wall on both sides of your rows to keep them from tilting. I just wish they did houses for their magazine and graded comic boxes.