Best way to take picture to submit to Core

Not a suggestion, but a question. I know that its been suggested many times before; but i am at a loss to locate the information. Hoping to get the answer here.
What is the best way or app, to take pictures to submit to core, for addition or updates?

I think this question may be better posted as its own post in in the appropriate sub-forum, so that we can give a more dedicated answer. I mean, is this about comics, movies, games, CDs, books?

I generally scan and save as a PNG file, using ‘’ and a HP all in one printer.

if you do not have a scanner to hand.

use PhotoScan – scanner by Google Photos

Available at Google Play Store

and Apple App Store

Its specifically designed to get rid of reflections that are cuased by a camera - phone


Are we talking about comics, games, movies, books or CDs/vinyl?
For movies and games we rarely accept home-scanned images for front covers, we prefer to use “publisher pics” there, if available of course. For back covers, yes, we do like home-scanned images.

In this instance, i am asking for comic book. When i use my cellphone camera, the pictures never come out clear or have lighting issues, or i can never seem to crop them correctly.

But is this for Submit to Core? Because as I said, we hardly ever use home-made cover images in our Core. Or the comic would need to be very exclusive or rare and no images available online.

Yes, sir. I have a couple comics, that i have never been able to locate pictures of online.

Personally I like the PhotoScan app by Google.


Thank you! I will check that app out.

BTW: did you know our preferred way of dealing with Missing Comics is a simple post on the Missing Comics sub-forum here on Club CLZ?

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Here’s a pic I just created with PhotoScan: