Birds of Prey: Batgirl / Catwoman / Oracle

There is a double-listing in CovrPrice that results in no value in CLZ.

“Birds of Prey: Batgirl / Catwoman” #2 in CLZ is showing as linked with no CP value. It’s linked to BIRDS OF PREY: BATGIRL / CATWOMAN #2 in CP.

That issue is double listed in CP. It’s also listed as BIRDS OF PREY: CATWOMAN / ORACLE #2. That entry has a value in CP.

The CLZ entry is linked to the version in CP with no value.

The two issues do have different series names per the indicia.

Books have been consolidated into the 2 book miniseries. We don’t have a way to give a single series 2 different names so we are now referencing batgirl/catwoman and catwoman/oracle in the variant field and just using Birds of Prey as the series. Not technically correct but its how we have to do it when DC does something that is out of line with the norms of how series usually work.

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@CLZ_Justin, I can post this in the Unlinked section if needed, but based on the changes that MrDay-CP made, I’m now getting a “Page missing” using the View on CovrPrice link.

It looks like “Birds of Prey: Batgirl / Catwoman” #2 in CLZ should be linked to Birds of Prey #2 in CovrPrice.

These are the links to the 2 books in the series: