Blackthorne 3-D Series Errors

This entire “series” is wrong. Someone just randomly put every 3D book by Blackthorne into this catch all title. Many are listed elsewhere correctly (like GI Joe 3D and Star Wars 3D) as their own titles and need to be merged/deleted but many (like Transformers 3D) are only found here and need to be broken out into their own title correctly.

@fletchergary I can assure you none of our content managers are 'just randomly" inserting comics in series listed in Core.

If you search this series on other sites, like comicbookrealm of comics org for instance you’ll notice the seriest listed there too.

I appreciate that you used ComicBookRealm as a verification source and can understand how it was entered into the CLZ core database like this. So you are aware though many of individual titles here have already been broken out into separate titles and this creates duplicates:



The actual title of the Transformers is:


I’m going to leave this one open for now. Will get back to it.