Blade (1997 one-shot)

Wrongly labelled as blue key 1st app Blade. Also should be listed as a one-shot and not part of Vol. 1 (1998)

This was moved to ToD #10 as it’s a reprint of that

Are you sure about that? The Grand Comic database says it reprints ToD #52/53 with some new dialogue.

This is Matt Day from Covrprice

This is not a reprint of ToD #10. It is a reprint of two pages of ToD #52 with new dialogue and 17 pages of ToD #53. The last page is the Marvel Index for Blade. I dug out my copy to make sure. Please fix.

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Well, Matt Day from Covrprice is wrong.

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This was moved to “Blade (1997)”. Thank you for posting!

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