Blondie the Complete 1957 Television Series

Barcode: 851968007989
I have just added this to my collection from Core. Everything is fine until I get to the Episodes. Core has a different set of Episodes from what my 2 disc bluray has.
Here are the episodes from the Blu ray: Hope you can fix. Larry


Sudden Wealth - January 4th, 1957

To boost his confidence so he can ask for a raise, Blondie sends a fake telegram to Dagwood making him believe he’s inherited a large sum of money. Episode Notes: Mary Lawrence makes her only appearance as Harriet Woodley in this episode. Hollis Irving would go on to play Harriet the remainder of the series. Lois Collier makes a brief appearance.

It’s for the Birds - January 11th, 1957

Mr. Dithers is hospitalized and leaves Dagwood in charge of a supermarket project. But when nesting birds cause a delay, Mr. Dithers is less than pleased.

The Folks Who Came to Dinner - January 18th, 1957

To save money while having their house redecorated, the Dithers’ move in with the Bumstead’s. Episode Notes: Lela Bliss makes her second and last appearance as Cora Dithers in this episode. Elvia Allman would go on to play Cora the remainder of the series.

The Other Woman - January 25th, 1957

Dagwood is on the outs with his whole family when he is suspected of seeing another woman. Episode Notes: Hollis Irving’s first appearance as Harriet.

Home Sweet Home - February 1st, 1957

Tired of doing repairs on their house, Dagwood is determined to sell… that is until Blondie puts her foot down. Episode Notes: George Winslow makes his third and final appearance as “Foghorn”.

Get That Gun - February 8th, 1957

After Mr. Dithers promises his wife that he won’t add any more antique guns to his collection, he enlists Dagwood to buy it for him and pretend to give it to him as a present. Episode Notes: Frank Nelson guest stars.

The Feud - February 15th, 1957

After Blondie and Harriet go to a woman’s meeting and learn about international relations, they attempt to apply what they learned to resolve a fight between Dagwood and Herb.

The Quiz Show - February 22nd, 1957

Feeling like a failure because he hasn’t done anything famous to make Alexander proud, Dagwood applies to compete in a nationwide quiz show.

Husbands Once Removed - March 1st, 1957

Without a marriage certificate to prove they’re married, Blondie takes advantage of the situation to make Dagwood court her a second time. Episode Notes: Don Beddoe guest stars.

The Payoff Money - March 8th, 1957

After shopping, Blondie and Harriet get one of their packages mixed up with a bundle of stolen money, and the thieves soon show up at the Bumstead’s intent on recovering their loot.

Hard Luck Idol - March 15th, 1957

Dagwood’s uncle sends him a statue of an Indian idol that is bad luck to all in its path. Episode Notes: Pamela Duncan makes her first of three appearances as Eloise, Mr. Dithers’ secretary, and Frank Sully makes the first of his two appearances as a policeman.

Oil for the Lamps of Blondie - March 22nd, 1957

The Bumstead’s receive an ugly lamp from the Dithers’ for their anniversary and promptly return it to the store. But when J.C. and Cora are expected for dinner, Dagwood and family scramble to buy it back. Episode Notes: Fritz Feld guest stars.

Blondie the Breadwinner - March 29th, 1957

After refusing Dagwood a raise and letting him go, Mr. Dithers asks Blondie to fill the vacancy left by her husband. Episode Notes: Charles Maxwell guest stars.


The Glamour Girl - April 5th, 1957

A publicity stunt by the agent of a famous actress pegs Dagwood as her long-lost love, and an irresistible ladies man. Episode Notes: Barbara Nichols and Eddie Ryder guest star.

The Rummage Sale - April 12th, 1957

When Cora hides her collection of rummage sale items from her husband, Mr. Dithers suspects her to be a helpless kleptomaniac and enlists Dagwood to help.

Deception - April 19th, 1957

After a mix-up at the office, and in order to impress a prospective client, Mr. Dithers trades places with Dagwood, making Bumstead president and himself, a subordinate. Episode Notes: Gregg Palmer makes a brief appearance.

Puppy Love - April 26th, 1957

Alexander has a crush on a classmate and Blondie and Dagwood scheme to help their love-sick son win the girl’s affection. Episode Notes: Herb Vigran guest stars.

Made to Fire - May 3rd, 1957

Blondie hires a maid, but the Bumstead’s soon suspect she might be part of a gang of jewel thieves. Episode Notes: Judi Meredith, Don Hayden and Frank Wilcox guest star. Lucien Littlefield makes his sixth and final appearance as Mr. Beasley, the mailman.

Blondie Redecorates - May 10th, 1957

Dagwood hates the way the living room looks and wants it redecorated, but deciding who should design it, and in what style, complicate matters. Episode Notes: June Vincent guest stars.

Blondie’s Double - May 17th, 1957

After Dagwood is informed by Mr. Dithers that Blondie is moonlighting as a nightclub singer, he takes the necessary steps to save his home. Episode Notes: Casey Adams guest stars.

The Spy - May 24th, 1957

Trying to avoid being caught with secret government microfilm, a spy places the stolen article in Dagwood’s hat.

Cupid’s Question Column - May 31st, 1957

Blondie takes over an advice column for a friend and unknowingly answers Dagwood’s letters.

The Tramp - June 7th, 1957

J.C. reneges on his promise to give Dagwood fifteen shares of stock, but a kind and worldly tramp comes to the rescue with a plan to outfox the unscrupulous Mr. Dithers. Episode Notes: Alan Reed guest stars.

Follow That Man - June 14th, 1957

After a few mysterious phone calls, Mr. Dithers suspects Dagwood is embezzling money from his company and he hires a detective to get to the bottom of things. Episode Notes: Alan Mowbray guest stars.

The Party - June 21st, 1957

Alexander’s plans for a more “grown-up” 16th birthday party doesn’t go well and Dagwood and Blondie have to quickly come up with some entertainment to keep his party from being a dud. Episode Notes: William Schallert makes a brief appearance.

Howdy Neighbor - June 28th, 1957

A Texas family moves in next door to Dagwood and Blondie and convince the Bumstead’s to dig for oil on their property.

Don’t want to be a pest, but have not heard anything about my post for help for Blondie the Complete 1957 Television Series “episodes”.

The reason no one replied, is likely because it was posted in the “Movie Collector” forum, which is more about the program itself.

I’ve moved your topic to the CORE | Errors forum, because that’s where our core admins will likely find this topic .

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Thank You for catching this… I appreciate your help.

Hi Larry,

I think the Blu-ray uses different titles for the same episodes. We get our episode information from IMDb and these are all the Blondie episodes available. Unfortunately, I cannot adjust this.

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Martin sorry to bring this back up again. But CORE and IMDB have the Blondie Series as Blondie (1957) Season 1. I purchased The Complete 1957 Television Series (not just one season. From Amazon I purchased the ClassicFlix Complete Season. What Core and IMDB have does not the movies that are on the 2 discs (Blondie: The Complete Television Series, Arthur Lake. I searched the internet and Wikipedia, Amazon, Home Theater Form and Classic Flix have the episodes I furnished in original post. If there is nothing that can be done, than I will accept that … I just find it confusing. Larry

Thank You Martin. I understand…and appreciate your help.
Have a Great Day … Larry

Hi Larry,

I’ve updated the series name for your edition.
The episodes titles I can’t change, but all the correct episodes are there, IMDb only uses a different title for the first 3 episodes, and all other information is correct.

Thank You Martin
I appreciate it very much. Have a Nice Day.