Blue highlighted titles

I think I saw the answer to this before but I cannot remember what it is. What is the significance of the blue highlights over some titles in my database? Some titles have just a few letters shaded over, while some are completely covered. There seems to be no rhyme or reason why some have this shading and others do not, so what does it mean?

If this is about the main screen, in your folder panel, the blue shade behind the series titles mean how many you have of them.

You can especially see it quite well if you re-order the list to show “by count” instead of alphabetically:

Use these buttons to switch from “Alphabetically” to “By Count”

If you don’t want those count shades, go to Tools > Options > Customization and disable this:

Okay, thanks. I was thinking it had something to do with the number of issues of the title collected but it is just the total number of books overall.

It works on any folder panel. So if you group by “Storage box” you will also have the blue highlights.

Works for any field you can foldergroup on!