Book Collector service plan

If I was to allow my service plan to expire on Book Collector, what functionality would I loose? Specifically, would I still be able to sync to the cloud? I have CLZ Books on my phone and still need it to be in sync. All my books are inputted in Book Collector, Book Connect is not an option at this time.

I checked your account and it looks like you are grandfathered into the old Update Plan model. Which means that when your subscription expires, you will still be able to use Cloud and Core.

Why not exactly?
In your account, I see you are already using Movie Connect for your movies, so why not for books?

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I’m probably a little unique in way I use it. I have all my unread eBooks linked and open my eBook reader via the link in Book Collector. I don’t see how this would be possible in Book Connect (even if I made my books available in the cloud), but I certainly am open to any suggestions. Thanks.