Box Set Barcodes

Just wondering, why when I have a BoxSet to my collection (and let’s say it has 10 individual movies). When I add by barcode it dutifully adds it to the BoxSet. But when I search using the barcode it says no movies exist. Now I have figured it out, and can manually go into each film individually and add the barcode…go back and search by barcode and all the movies show up.
THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM. Maybe in future updates it could be fixed to update all when adding to the collection.

Hm, it seems that a local search indeed does not include the barcode field that is part of the box set. That would be nice to have and I’ve put it on the request list. Thank you!

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Thank You AJ
At my age…I’m not in a hurry for anything. I appreciate the fact that it is on CLZ “To Do List”.
Have a Wonderful Day…

Sometimes boxsets have individual barcodes sometimes they don’t. Always different. Takes a lot of maintenance to get them the way you want. Glad to see them on the “to do list”.

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Thank You. Look forward to a change sometime in the future.
Have A Great Day