Box Set Brouhaha

I am having issues understanding how to enter data correctly and use the “Box Set” feature. I need a tutor that can explain it to a non-computer person.

The box set field works as follows:

Box Set is a “field” that is part of a “book”.

Say you have book 1, book 2, book 3, and for each of those books you set the box set to “Box Set Example”, then those 3 books are “in that box set”.

So in the example below I have added 3 loose books, namely:

  • Shadow and Bone
  • Siege and Storm
  • Ruin and Rising

I then later edited those 3 books and typed in “The Shadow and Bone Trilogy Set” in the box set field of each of those 3 books.

That yields the following result:

Does that help? Can you try it by just editing 2 books and typing something in the box set field for those 2 books?


Ah, man, it worked!!! Thanks so much… I’m slow, but I can be taught!


Request for clarification: is the Box Set entered as a Book on its own in the database or just as a Box Set in the field of each of the constituent books?


The box set is not a book of its own.

It’s indeed set in the box set field of each of the constituent books!

You can later modify the box set and give it a cover etc., but it will remain a “pick list item”.

You can go to the menu top left, tap Manage Pick Lists and go to Box Sets to modify your box sets even. Give it a go, if you try it, all becomes clear I’m sure!

Let me know if you need further help with that (or anything else),


This was a very helpful conversation and has inspired me to go do some tidying up in my boxed sets. I’ve now worked out where I was going wrong! Thank you.