BUG Sorting by Added Date BUG

hello for the first time my added date sorting it just bugged . i dont know what it shows me first but it is NOT the recently added film

now i have to filter by Added Date/Time and that works fine as Added Date was working before

Mmm, maybe that got broken with a fix in that area we did a few days ago.
Will check with out devs.

So last week, a user reported a sorting bug:
He wanted to sort by “Added Date” and then “Value” - but it looked al strange because it sorted on “date, then time, then value”.

We checked, and that was correct.

So we fixed it and made “Date sorting” to just sort on the date.
Everything added on the same date, will be sorted by an internal ID.

If you need the exact order of entry, then indeed sorting by Added Date/Time for now is the way to go.

We will work on another fix, that if you only sort by for instance “Added Date” that we will again use time as secondary field in the background.