Building the Lego Avengers Tower

After finishing the Lego Barad-dûr Tower, the CLZ team instantly started on the next Lego project, which is another tower.

The Lego Avengers Tower!



Continuing today, I wanted to share this picture of the inside of the 1st floor (Or ground floor, depending which side of the pond you’re from).
It’s the Tesseract!

And then we have Iron Man in front of it, with the looming eye of Sauron towering over. The beginning of a LotR / Avengers crossover perhaps?

Today, Justin started to work on the 2nd floor (yes, in some countries that would then be the 1st floor).

And I will be working on the next bag of LEGOs in a couple of minutes!


Just finished building bag 10! Made a timelapse too:

And here’s the Cap who seems to have fallen:


Lekker bezig mensen, leuk jullie samenwerken en project te zien groeien! Succes met de volgende klus en veel plezier met elkaar.

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Justin doing brick bag #11.

The tower after 11 stages:


Brick bag #12, including a Hulk minifigure!


Hulk made it to the side of the building:

Pim worked on the Quinjet:

(and that’s his “best programmer in the world” cup next to him)

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Coming together nicely:

And I continued work on that floor:

That’s this floor nearly done:

Cool little detail with the newspaper saying “Who is the Iron Man” .
(Spoiler: it’s Tony)

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And then Justin finished this floor!

With the help of Wong we got the floor in the right place on top of the tower:

Annnnnnd there we go!


We have some catching up to do! As a lot has happened when we are not working on Core :grin:

Me Starting on the hangar/ 4th floor

Taco continuing with bag number 22

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The tower has been coming along nicely the last few days with the interior and the outside details showing now

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Now we are on to the upper part of the tower with a lego copy of Avengers #1. This will be added in Core shortly and we are considering sending it off for grading :joy:


So @CLZ_Alwin closed the day off yesterday with another bag

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Today we had @CLZ_Martin, @CLZ_Rowdy and myself doing some building. We’re almost done with the front section of the giant wall of windows.