Camera locking up when scanning multiple titles

I’ve recently found your app and have begun adding all of my movies. However, I’ve experienced several times where after adding 5-10 by scanning barcodes, the camera freezes up. The app itself is still responsive. I toggle back and forth while in the scanner between “add by IMDB Nr.” and “Add by Barcode” and eventually it unfreezes and I can continue scanning.

However, additionally, if while frozen, I tap “Add x# to collection”, it does not actually add. Thankfully, I can go back into the add screen and the ones in queue are still there, and while the camera is unfrozen, I can add more titles and add the whole queue.

So, it’s more annoying than anything.

Screen recording of the behavior
At the end of this one, you see me try a cloud sync, which works, but only synced one title I had added before this video.

View of the flow after going back to the add screen, note the queue is still there

All of this was done with the latest install of the app running on a Google Pixel 8 Pro w/ latest patches.

Hi Jon,

Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with the camera locking up.

I requested to have access to see the video. Alternatively you can send the videos to us through our own WeTransfer page:

I would like to know if this usually happens when adding TV Series or Box Sets, as those can freeze up the add screen as they take longer to download.

Also would like to know what kind of device/version/os you have.

And if you can make it happen again if you try to add the exact same movies you were adding when this happened (to see if it’s related to an exact database entry for us).

We’ve heard of the scan screen locking before, but have not been able to reproduce it on our side yet, so let’s investigate!

Thanks for the reply!
Running Google Pixel 8 Pro w/ Android 14, Jan 2024 security update

In the video, you can see it freeze when adding the Deadpool BD, the again for Deadpool 2. I tried both of those at the beginning of another scan and they did not freeze up the camera.

I then grabbed about the same size stack as the video, with Deadpool in the 8th position, and it froze again on it.

I erased the queue and rearranged the same stack of movies, Deadpool in position two this time. It froze on the 7th film in the stack.

It’s important to state, the app itself is NOT frozen. I can manipulate queue items (tap on them, long press and remove) all while the camera is stuck. I can also move between the tabs at the top (as seen in that video).
The camera seems to only ‘unstick’ if I move away from that tab and return, or exit the add screen and go back in.

Hopefully this provides more context.

I’d be a long video, but happy to try to recreate that if it’ll help.

Yeah this has happened to me only when scanning more than 20-30 titles at a time , it’s as if the camera and app need a rest.

I’m using android 14

It would definitely help to see it in video if you could make it happen. Feel free to send it to if you can!


We would like to also receive a bug report//crash report from your device.

Use the following steps to generate a bug report:

Unlock Developer options

  1. Go to your Android’s settings screen.
  2. Tap “About” (or something similar)
  3. Somewhere in your “About” screen there should be a button “Build Number”. If you can’t find it, please check your phone’s user manual, (tip: a Google search is probably faster)
  4. Now Tap “Build Number” a total of 7 times.
  5. Navigate to the Settings app, choose ‘Developer options’ and enable ‘USB debugging’

Reproduce Crash and send us the report.

  1. Go into your CLZ mobile app and reproduce the problem you’re getting.

  2. After the error, navigate to the Settings app on your device as soon as possible and choose ‘Developer options’

  3. Tap ‘Take bug report’

  4. Tap ‘Report’

  5. Wait, it could take a couple of minutes for this process to complete. You will not see a progress bar during this time.

  6. You will get a notification at the top of your screen telling you the report has been captured.

  7. Open the notification and tap “Touch to share Report”

  8. E-Mail the report to our e-mail address:

Can you let us know which Android device you are using?

Repro’d this morning, just emailed the bug report. Let me know what else you might need.

I have this same issue using Google pixel 8 pro

So we heard this before, but now 3 people are reporting it in a couple of days. That is interesting.

@Jon I have received your email, and will look it over with the developer here, thank you.

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Can you let me know which device you have?
Also a Google Pixel 8 Pro?

No it’s a redmi note 10 pro

It’s not really a big deal , I mean it unfreezes after about 5-10 secs and you can continue on

Thanks @Crazycatz123 that helps.

@Jon and @Danleks can you also confirm that if the freeze happens, and you just do “nothing” for like 20 seconds, does it unfreeze for you?

For me, not really. I left my phone with the stuck camera sit and after two minutes, my inactivity timer hit and locked the screen. When I unlocked the phone, the camera was unstuck.

Same goes for exiting/re-entering or flipping which tab in the add screen. Eventually the camera ‘unsticks’. But, I’ve waited it out a few times and unless I do something/screen locks, it stays stuck for me.

Thanks for checking that, we’re seeing a bit of a “hang” on scanning, and also on turning the screen around indeed.

@Jon Thanks for sending in the bug report. It shows the camera crashing. Not sure what the cause of this crash is though. I’ll need to investigate further. For now just close and reopen the add screen whenever the camera freezes.

@Crazycatz123 Your problem sounds similar, apart from the camera automatically resuming after 5-10 seconds. I’d like to see what happens on your device. Can you send us a bug report? Use the instructions AJ posted a few replies back in this thread.

Glad the report is at least partially explaining what’s happening. Let me know if I can assist with collecting anything else!

@Crazycatz123 are you able to send a bug report?

Jon, I got something for you to test, if you like.

CLZ Movies is programmed to stop scanning while searching our Core database by completely stopping the scanner. You can tell by the short screen freezes whenever a barcode is scanned.

Our CLZ Scanner app is coded slightly differently; it will keep displaying the camera screen without any small freezes.

My hunch is that the camera on your Pixel 8 isn’t happy with these frequent short freezes, causing a permanent freeze in the process.

My question for you is: can you download the CLZ Scanner app:

and see if you can reproduce the permanent screen freezes in the CLZ Scanner app?

OK, so I scanned 40 titles very quickly with CLZ Scanner with no freezes at all. So, I think you may be on to something… :slight_smile: